Centre intégré pour personnes âgées Rham

Maître d'ouvrage
Servior, Luxembourg
Schemel-Wirtz Architectes, Luxembourg
Ingénieur en génie-civil
Schroeder & Associés Ingénieurs-Conseils, Luxembourg
lieu d'exécution
Surface totale
29.000 m²

Key data :

  • Rham-Plateau located in Luxembourg City, surrounded on 3 sides by the Alzette river
  • 155 flats, studios and rooms for 221 clients/tenants
  • Many living and recreation rooms
  • Various renovated living quarters around a large inner courtyard with trees
  • Extensive special technology to ensure the comfort and necessary safety 
  • Kitchen for approx. 900 meals/day and a cosy restaurant contribute to the well-being of the residents
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