Centre d'exploitation CREOS

Maître d'ouvrage
Creos Luxembourg S.A., Luxembourg
m3 Architectes S.A., Luxembourg
Ingénieur en génie-civil
Milestone Consulting Engineers, Luxembourg
lieu d'exécution
Surface totale
15.600 m²

Key data :

  • The new building unites the former regional centres of Wiltz, Heisdorf and Contern as well as the garages and the central warehouse in Mersch.
  • Low-energy building, with particular emphasis on the rational use of energy
  • Source for heating and cooling: Geothermal boreholes 100 m deep
  • Heating by reversible heat pump + gas boiler  
  • Heating capacity: 450kW
  • Cooling capacity: 130 kW  
  • Transformer capacity: 1000 kVA
  • Backup power: 630 kVA
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