Building technologies

Our core-business

HVAC sanitary

The conception and planning of HVAC (heating, ventilation air conditioning) and sanitary facilities has been our core business since 1948. We develop efficient and cost-effective systems with minimized energy consumption, low maintenance, easy and intuitive to use.


Our services include the planning of all electrical systems, whether low-current, low- or high-voltage systems, both inside and outside of buildings, and this for corporate, industrial and private customers.

Building automation

Optimized operation of a modern building is unthinkable without an intelligent control strategy. Our control department develops functional control concepts that are easy to use, that guarantee optimal and effective control of the technical systems of the building, that minimize energy consumption and that guarantee maximum comfort for users.


Our kitchen department plans kitchens of all possible spans, from a small catering facility to a large production kitchen for the production of hundreds of meals. We search for functional and cost-efficient solutions, in line with the hygiene requirements and HACCP criteria.

Swimming pools

Our experts in the field of swimming pools develop functional and innovative swimming pool concepts, taking into account energy consumption and operating costs. Our goal is to find a balance between the comfort of the user, the investment costs and the operating costs.


Our office has a team that specializes in the area of elevators. In addition to the efficient management of standard applications, we also take care of all inquiries that require customized solutions.