Our passion

Energy Concepts

Our energy department creates energy concepts for individual buildings, for urban areas or for entire communities. Each concept creation includes an analysis of the possibilities of an environmentally friendly and safe supply, which guarantees a good user comfort and which minimizes the environmental impact by using renewable resources, which are available at reasonable prices.

Energy audits

Energy analysis of buildings or manufacturing processes with the aim of finding out ecological and economic optimization options.

Blower door and thermography

On-site test of air and heat tightness, control of compliance with current legal regulations, and detection of anomalies and errors. Our team of experts is there from the planning phase to advise the construction management team on the choice of materials and the tightness concept.

Building simulations

Dynamic building simulation is a very effective means of optimizing user comfort, dimensioning high-performance systems and reducing energy consumption. Our energy department has the necessary experience and know-how to carry out complex dynamic building simulations.