BIM - Building information modeling

What is BIM ?

What is BIM ?

It is not a software program and it is not a new technology, it is something completely different.neither a software program, nor is it a new technology.

BIM is a collaborative process that is used during all design, construction and operating phases/stages of a building.

The working method is based on the use of parametric, intelligent and structured 3D models during the planning, implementation and operating phases of a building. The numerical 3D model enables a structured collaboration between all actors in a project, through the exchange and use of information and data stored in the numerical models.

Since 2016, BIM has been seen as one of the main development focuses in our company. Supported by our BIMim manager, our drawing team and BIM coordinators have successfully participated in several BIM projects, whether for public clients or private customers.

Whether it is a project using Open-BIM or Closed-BIM, our team is trained in the various BIM processes and ensures the successful completion of the tasks that you entrust to us.